Would You Like a Jelly Baby?




My youngest son has been begging me to make him a “Scarf Doctor” finger puppet for awhile now.  I started working on it ages ago; I even finished the hair, head and body.  And then, Four just completely disappeared.  We searched high and low and couldn’t find him.  We assumed that he found Romana and K-9 and ran off in the TARDIS.  I started from scratch and as I was sewing on the arms, my daughter found the original.  Anyway, I finally finished the finger puppet and handed it to my little guy.  He grabbed it and exclaimed, “He is my best friend!”  I think that means that he approves.

I don’t have a pattern for this puppet.  I have two kids in homeschool this year and it is taking a little more time to adjust than I had expected.  I hope to be back to writing patterns again soon.

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